1. Similiar to petroglyphs, where art is carved into the sides of rock walls, telling stories of people and how they lived; Pictoglyphs tell stoties through acts of purposely imprinting experiences within the psyche throughout our lifetime. The imprints are where our energy returns. It’s focused-based, placing emphasis on connections between people, thoroughly confirmed when participants, later share the same acts of connections that were shared with them. Pictoglyphs is a purposeful way of living, archived in real time utilizing photography, creative connection,  and educational tones of onward sharing.

Good things are happening while Pictoglyphs collaborates with Two Yumms Up to create an extension of LOVE BEAMS.

With childlike curiosity, Pictoglyphs touches base with creative living through educational outreaches, Two Yumms Up connects people through food, while Love Beams invests high regard to the youngest members of our community.

Urban living can be overstimulating at times… and then under-stimulating in other instances. Time is an issue; it’s always running ahead whether we are ready or not. The aging process is an issue too. Before we know it, the kids are grown and we have worked straight through those extra-curricular activities.

Pictoglyphs workshops are created as intermittent “Adventures” in which to grow onward from, offering a time-out with our loved ones and not away from them.

For instance, if Two Yumms Up is hosting a “Make and Bake: Bread” and your family has a 2-year-old, guess who’s front and center… the li’l one for sure! Our adventures have room for the exploration of new experiences and it’s truly a collaboration among each family and the community that we gather. This should prove to be interesting!

Instead of being overstimulated by urban living, we can take our precious commodity of time back and focus on what there is to learn from each other. We can create these adventures on our way. We can welcome transition by creating a reason to look forward to it and together we can imprint experiences worth repeating. 

We are building the tribe by never being experts, per say; instead, fellow students among others who maintain vibrancy by learning something else, contributing our efforts, and being sharers of information to practice new skills. 

Adventure truly is in our common occurrences because that’s where we genuinely exist; perhaps less so in the posed shots. Pictoglyphs collaborates with Two Yumms Up and/or others to host small adventures, while any photos taken will be available for purchase after each event.

If your family can only take a time-out once a month to adventure into a creative medium, consider Pictoglyphs as a collaborator in that. We too are learning on our way and look forward to connecting. 

Boz & Bella Bloom, Adventure Guides


Striving to learn is all.

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