On behalf of rallying the tribe to push on from their heaviness, I write:


I’m filled with the time our tribe decided to plant pumpkin seeds against the odds of our extreme desert conditions. We prepared a planter box with amended soil. We dismissed unwanted pests. We picked out anything that appeared random before raking our hands through any last clumps. Later, we hand picked seedlings, studying the integrity of each to see if they were coming apart at the seams, too flaky, or too lethargic to begin with. When the candidates passed, we burrowed six seeds a few inches down into the earthy homestead. We became committed to watering and protecting our investments from the harshest elements; even stood guard to “I spy” any new pests that might disrupt our efforts.

The longer we persisted, the more we began to tire for sure. Three inches of dirt is equivalent to being six feet under the weight of our world, devoid of oxygen or ability to reposition ourselves comfortably. Yet, with no sign of progress, our heads remained underground. Our venture against the natural elements witnessed old pests being so bold as to dig in trying to make-off with our seedlings! But not on our watch—not a chance. Our worry tattered us all; we thought less and less of our efforts even through maintaining our stance. No sign of life poked above ground while our conclusions against our earnest efforts consumed our vulnerabilities.

Our focus glowered, while sprouting green figures already began unfolding from their bottoms up. This is where our tribe is on the map of transition–pushing our stretch past durable shells that have protected us through the elements in reaching further than ever. True, the sun does not shine on our faces–our shells remain working overtime to shield us. Our priority now is past our discomfort, overhauling our overhang. We have gathered our foundation, weeded, gripped the soil and pushed through the heaviness.


Shed muddling agitation with regard to struggle. WE ARE HERE—striving to function through darkness. We have met each challenge this far. Our strength is in our persistence. Darkness provides a nutrient rich environment promoting a most important instinct of ours -– We survive.

Our original focus to participate in something magical; to discover some secret; to access some trick of success in growing forward weighs on our minds; it fills in our entirety; it envelopes us completely… until we value our gloom as leverage.

Our life source, our self-sustaining magic is engrained within common occurrences. Twilight is a common occurrence. Our blanket of darkness is no less trying than other viewpoints we’re not even in the vicinity of seeing. To struggle against gravity, the harsh elements, eminent risks… all highlights us being ALIVE.

Our deep–rooted efforts twine us into the collective being. Being creatures created by sacred commons to extend our stance through blinding unknowns! We join the sun… setting ablaze transparent intentions to simply BE.


Our most outstanding element is… we survive at every cost, we struggle, we persist, we strive. Any method in between is truly fair game. Everything within humanity happens to and for someone, somewhere, at some time. Our lifetime range of motion unfolds perspectives and reaches past the unknowns, accelerating the most conditioned proficients to resolving thrive.



The happenstance of the Blooms finding it’s way despite hardship, despite unfortunate timing, despite others inflicting harm, despite having any clue ever on what to truly do; I am beginning to understand I will be the one to get our tribe back into their regular playful selves, their childlike selves.

To conjure a tribe, one must begin by placing family members in positions where the best opportunities can be attempted.  The idea is to create sustenance from the the daily deal. This is where Pictoglyphs adventures comes into play. Building a community tribe constructs the nucleus tribe simultaneously.

It’s past time to BLOOM.

Striving to learn is all.

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