Before any of these new ideas come into play, we are photographers first. Back in 2012, Boz and I were student photographers; both shooting a great deal; both gravitating towards sports photography and a journalistic style. Beginning photography had us in the studio, learning lights, poses and make-up. And that was fun for the time being.

As we grew, our focus reached for becoming adventure photographers. With a blended family of our own to get to and from all our wheres, that would be a true trick to becoming adventure photographers, with regular jobs and regular hectic schedules.

One day we at our dinner table to think about what matters most to us, photography persisted; it was always in the background. We thought a bit more and our importance honed in on that precise moment, and then the next. Our name came to us: Pictoglyphs. For us it represents archiving our time and even more imprinting our experiences with whoever is with us.

The very next day I started teaching the girls how to cook. No longer would I just do it because we didn’t have time or it’s just easier to do myself. Cooking was never easy for me anyway. We started Tribal Time in our house, dividing half  of us to conjure up the idea of a meal and the other half would help clean afterwards. Each Tribal Time we switched roles. I learned more with my kids than the old way of doing things.

We looked down at our food and knew our blended family would grow together by having a hand in creating our meals. Our meals became too good… a Two Yumms Up experience because food just means so much more when it is gifted amongst ourselves.

This is us and by the way, we’re still student photographers~ ❤ Boz & Bella


Striving to learn is all.

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